Is Ozempic Banned?

Oct 31, 2023

Belgium aims to temporarily prohibit the usage of Novo Nordisk’s Ozempic, primarily intended for diabetes treatment, as a means of addressing a shortage of the medication.

Health Minister Franck Vandenbroucke highlighted the necessity of reserving this drug specifically for individuals with type 2 diabetes but acknowledged its potential benefit for those dealing with severe obesity.

Despite recommendations proving insufficient, the intention is to implement a firm, legally binding directive to manage the situation. Vandenbroucke emphasized that this ban will be temporary, varying in duration based on the drug’s production and availability.

The decision will be determined by a meeting involving a working group comprised of representatives from various sectors, including pharmacists, insurers, distributors, the pharmaceutical industry, and government officials, set to convene imminently.

Similarly, in the UK, measures have been put in place to restrict the prescription of Ozempic to individuals without type 2 diabetes, including the halting of new prescriptions for diabetes patients for the duration of the shortage.

Last month, the Belgian federal agency advised healthcare professionals to limit Ozempic prescriptions solely to diabetic patients due to the considerable surge in demand. The restricted availability of the drug is anticipated to persist until early 2024, as reported by the agency.


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